2017 Fall Interior Design Trends

Autumn always feels so refreshing. So, if there’s ever a time you’re going to be thinking about switching your home design, now it’s the perfect time.

Fall is just around the corner, and we’re already seeing some changes in decoration trends. Design ideas are surging all over the internet and Mattar Property Development will share the most searchable 2017 fall interior design trends.


2017 Fall Interior Design Trends

A. Fall Outdoor Furniture

People want to stay outdoors longer and they’re looking for new ways to do just that as we approach the cooler months. Invest in outdoor fire pit and patio furniture with warmer textile. Remember to create a cozy, calm and inviting outdoor space.

Dark Paint

B. Dark Paint

White is out and black is in. This season is all about drama, and the shades of black paint just received the award for best color of the year. If you are not ready to go completely over the dark side, you can add some chocolate brown to your decor.


C. Quilts for Bedrooms

Quilts are back. The old classical element returns this fall, and will be replacing duvets. If you have modern or traditional bedroom, quilts will offer a handmade element to any room. There is a large selection of quilts to choose from.


D. Velvet Accessories

Velvet is a very soothing fabric. Also, velvet is a very luxurious and welcoming fabric for fall and winter. Consider adding velvet pillow or throws, and combine them with rough natural textures (think wood).

Statement Ceiling

E. Statement Ceilings

There is a fifth wall that often interior designer ignores. That’s right, heads up! You’ve heard of accent walls, but how about statement ceilings? Consider using textured wallpaper, tin or embossed foam ceiling tile, shiplap, wooden beams or a bold paint color.

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