How To Build The Perfect Home Gym?

Do you dream of having your own home gym, but don’t think you have enough room? Think again! You can create your own inexpensive, calorie-burning haven.

Some of the best home gyms are actually small and budget friendly. Mattar Property Development reveals 5 easy steps to build the perfect home gym.

Home Gym Organization

A. Atmosphere

Before we even touch equipment, visualize and choose your space.  Ideally, you’ll have free reign to affect your gym’s look, feel, and sound. If you don’t have enough space, consider using a spare bedroom, home office, or even the living room. The key is to know how to restore the room original functionality once the workout is completed.

You can begin setting up your home gym once you establish your space and budget. Remember that atmosphere is everything. Transform your space with more light sources. Bring plants, bamboo palms and spider plants to increase the room oxygen level. Consider adding a mirror to the room. Mirrors are great for self-correcting your exercises.

Home Gym Equipment

B. Equipment

You don’t need expensive equipment and machines to build the perfect home gym. The essential equipment needed are a jump rope, kettle bells, fitness ball, dumbbells and an exercise DVDs. If you can afford a bigger space, incorporate a treadmill and indoor bike.

Home Gym

C. Organization

Once you’ve got all your gym equipment, you’ll need to store it in between workouts, especially if you are using a shared space (living room). Get creative with ways you can store your fitness equipment. Dedicate a few shelves or bins to organize everything you have.

Home Gym Ambience

D. Consistency

Make sure to invite a friend/partner. It will keep your workout schedule consistent. Just like a real gym, it won’t do you any good if you don’t regularly use it.


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