Clever Ways To Upgrade Your Fireplace

Winter is finally here and it’s time to light-up your dusty fireplace. Whether you’re thinking about a full renovation or just looking for an easy upgrade, Mattar Property Development discuses 5 ideas on how to refresh your old fireplace.

Upgrade Your Fireplace

A. Install a Mantel

If your fireplace is covered with a lot stones or a huge wall behind it, then mantel is your answer. A mantel will definitely create a visual interest and break things down. The chimney is permanent, but the mantel’s is just a front.

Fireplace Door Glass

B. Fireplace Doors

Wood fire left untended can be dangerous.  So, it’s important to install safety doors to your old fireplace. The upgrade isn’t difficult and the doors come in standard sizes that will fit any flat firebox opening. If you have enough budget, try upgrading to a gas functioning fireplace. A gas chimney is safer and the most popular choice these days.

Bright Color Chimney

C. Paint Upgrade

A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to improve your chimney. Consider using a bright color that will contrast with the rest of the room. Draw focus by extending the color up onto the wall, above the fireplace. Try using attractive colors such a pink, yellow, red or black.

Non Functioning Fireplace

D. New Function

If your chimney doesn’t work, use simple elements like candles. A fireplace can still be the main focus point of the room when filled with logs, candles or twinkle lights. Remember that the inside part of the chimney can also be used as a storage.

Chimney Tiles

E. The Tile

Tiling a fireplace surround isn’t a quick makeover. But it’s worth the effort.  Rough brick can pull a rustic space together, while smooth glass can be used to set a modern tone. Just make sure your tile matches your surroundings.

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