Eco-Friendly Innovations That Will Change Your Life

Eco-friendly innovations are revolutionizing our lives and improving the overall environmental conditions. Every year, numerous sustainability ideas are developed, and they never cease to amaze us.

In this article, Mattar Property Development explores the 5 best new eco-friendly innovations that are changing the world. Here’s a preview at what’s to come.

Consumable Cutlery

A. Consumable Cutlery

Every time you get takeout, the habit of using a plastic fork has a serious environmental consequence. To solve the issue, Bocado Edible Spoons created cutlery you can eat with your meal. Available in sweet, savory or unflavored varieties, the spoons are made from rice, wheat, and water. They have a shelf life of three years and decompose after four days if used.

Edible Water Bottles

B. Edible Water Bottles

Skipping Rocks lab has developed a great solution to the world’s plastic bottle crisis. Ooho is a seaweed sleeve that can hold drinking water. It’s completely biodegradable and can be eaten, too. The little sleeve doesn’t tear unless you want to break into it.

CO2 Based Concrete

C. CO2 Based Concrete

Solidia Technologies is turning waste carbon dioxide to make building materials. The technology has the potential to reduce the environmental impact of construction industry, which is important considering that we’ll always need to build places to live, learn, work and interact.

Air Purifying Walls

D. Air Purifying Wall

AgroSci created a new purifying walls. A thriving plant walls that cleanse the air of pollutants. The air purifying walls naturally reduce noise and heat, with the cleaning capacity equal to 60,000 houseplants.

Eco-Friendly Innovations

E. Solar Powered Water ATMs

Clean water it’s actually more luxury than you might think. In fact, one in ten people around the world lacks access to clean drinking water. While water filters are available in many areas of the world, they can be expensive. So, Sarvajal develop an innovative solar powered water ATMs to create greater equity in access to this essential source.

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