The Most Influential Women In Interior Design.

Mattar Property Development have chosen March 8, International Women’s Day, to celebrate some of the most creative female minds in interior design.

In a day where we honor women, it’s nice to reflect on the empowering females who have and continue to pioneer the design field. These women have challenged and revolutionized the design concepts, resulting in the industry of today. Here are the most influential women in interior design:

Patricia Urquiola

A. Patricia Urquiola

If you’re a design lover you have heard this name over and over again. Mentored by some of the giants of Italian industrial design, Patria Urquiola designing qualities makes her one of the best in the field of interior design and architecture. Urquiola’s designs are unconventional, flexible, and experimental, blending humanist sensibilities and technical expertise.

Victoria Hagan

B. Victoria Hagan

Crispy elegant and cheerfully modern, Victoria Hagan’s interiors are characterized by a strong sense of proportion and adroit combinations of materials and textures set against a warm neutral palette.

From designing country residences to urban retreats, Hagan told Architectural Digest in 2014, “my work is all about comfort, function and scale.”

Kelly Hoppen

C. Kelly Hoppen

Interior designer, product designer, and entrepreneur, Kelly Hoppen is one of the greatest interior designers of all times. The London-based designer is known for her sleek interiors, always with a touch of elegance, luxury and, of course, comfort.

Hoppen’s home projects are unbelievable source of luxury. Each interior is tailored made to their requirement and delivers the best on every aspect. She blends practicality and luxury, creating a astonishing design that accentuates the environment.

Kelly Wearstler

D. Kelly Wearstler

Since her start in the 1990, Wearstler distinct style have revolutionized the design world. The New Yorker dubbed Kelly Wearstler as “the presiding grand dame of West coast interior design.”

The American artist is considered a celebrity designer. Wearstler works in partnership with brands to create luxury solutions for homes.

Jennifer Post

E. Jennifer Post

Think classic white interiors that are elegantly neutral. You’re getting into Jennifer Post’s world. The modern interior designer has worked With Simon Cowell and Jennifer Lopez throughout her career, creating gorgeous interior designs.

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