How to Upgrade Your Nightstand

Nightstands are considered one of the most important design element in a bedroom. Sadly, The bedside table all too often gets buried under books you’ve been meaning to read, remnants of midnight snacks and boring alarm clocks.

Whether you have a classical or modern design, a nicely styled nightstand goes a long way to freshen things up. Mattar Property Development will share some fresh ideas for improving your bedside table.


A. Flowers

Living with flowers can provide a boost of energy, happiness and inspiration. They might help you keep a cozier room. Also, flowers are an instant sprinkling of style, color and texture.


B. Trays 

Trays can turn most bedrooms and surfaces around. They’re perfect on a nightstand to collect all your little random bits like books, boxes, bowls and more.  Use objects that vary in height and size to create a balanced focal point.

Nightstand Art

C. Art

Your bedside table doesn’t need to carry too much stuff. Add some style to your bedroom and keep it simple. All you need is a little piece of art to keep things interesting. Remember that color is key when decorating. Make sure all the items are in the same color family and coordinate with the bedding.

Wall Shelf

D. Wall

An easy substitute for a bedside table is to simply use a wall-mounted shelf. Wall shelf are perfect for small rooms. Even with a tiny shelf, you can keep essentials like lip balm, a small book, a pen and your cell phone.

Nightstand Light

E. Lighting

A traditional lamp is a shapely addition to any bedside arrangement, but a funky light fixture can add a little extra design flair, especially when combined with fabulous art and a collection of favorite items.

Nightstand Clock

F. Clock

Just because an alarm clock is a necessary evil, doesn’t mean it needs to destroy your pretty table decor. How fun is this over-sized clock and vintage lamp?

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