Decorating a Room with Pink Color

What makes pink color a distinctively “chic” paint is generally unknown. However, the pink paint, the mix of red and white, has become a major color option in home design.

Pink colors are no longer limited to nursery or little girls’ bedroom. Through time, the color pink has evolved to include grown up rooms and has been incorporated in many decorating styles. If you love the color pink, than this article will give you some inspirations.

A. Pink Has Fun

Pink is a fun color, and it plays well with others. A combination of soft and bold shades of pink keep the room hopping, but the accents of grayish-blue add a touch of calm that chases away the overload. Also, the touches of metallic decor on the walls bring in a bit of glamour as well.

Pink Color

B. Pink Is Masculine

Although pink is generally considered a feminine color, the color hue has many other qualities. It can be also masculine, as well as historic. Pink is known to be the most flattering and soothing color. Depending on the shade, pink can be energizing or soothing and it can instantly warm up a space.

Pink For Grown Ups

C. Pink For Grown Ups

A vibrant pink is a viable choice for the master bedroom, as long as you balance it with a base of white or another soft neutral, such as pale gray, sand or cream. Go bright with the furniture and add smaller accents throughout the room, but keep the walls and floors neutral.

Pink Is Fun

D. Pink Is Vintage/Modern

Pink color schemes that include white or light yellow colors can increase rooms visually and create brighter environment. Bright pink color hues create interesting interiors and relaxing atmosphere. Also, bold pink color adds coziness and contemporary vibe to modern home decorating ideas.

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