The Most Popular Christmas Decoration Trends For 2017

Christmas is finally here. Are you ready to welcome it? There is nothing more joyful than opening our doors to family and friends during this holiday season. So, it’s very important to have a trendy and aesthetic pleasing Christmas decoration.

Do you have a specific christmas style in mind? Are you looking for some new holiday inspiration? Look no further. Mattar Property Development will share the top most popular Christmas decoration trends for 2017.

Pineapple Ornaments

A. Pineapple Ornaments

Did we say pineapple? Yes, we did. Pineapple accessories are the biggest 2017 holiday trend on Pinterest. It might look a bit childish, but the ornament style definitely mixes the old tradition with a tropical vibe. Also, try serving pineapple snacks while playing some Hawaii Christmas songs. Elvis will love it.

White and Blue Silverware


B. Blue & White Silverware

Blue and white silvarware are very popular choice this year. They are well suited for cool, snowy hues of winter. Whether you are aiming for a traditional look or modern style, blue and white silverware goes beautifully against wood, gray, green, silver and gold. It also pops perfectly against a bright red.

Most Popular Christmas Decoration Trends 2017 Trends 2017

C. Garlands

A green garland will bring vibrancy to your home during the dark, lifeless days of winter. A garland can be displayed in doorways, stairways and over chimneys. They are a visual beauty that brings a delightful Christmas feeling to your house. Consider using eucalyptus, rosemary, varieties of pine, and/or bay.

Purple Christmas

D. A Purple Christmas 

The color purple has a large impact even in small doses. You might be surprised by just how great it can look.  A Purple Christmas is light and bright, the effect is colorful while still looking restrained and elegant at the same time. Also, purple goes well against the blue, black and gold colors.

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