Small Bedroom Design Ideas

A small bedroom design can have a claustrophobic feeling. However, a great interior design can have a big impact in small spaces.

Whether you opt for the illusion of more space or embrace what you have, there are endless ways to make a small bedroom design more livable and stylish. Mattar Property Development shares 6 inspiring small bedroom ideas to try.

Small Bedroom Light

A. Room to Walk

Interior designers suggest placing the bed in the center of the main wall. In other words, avoid pushing the bed to one side of the room. By keeping the bed in the center, you will be able to walk on either side and kepek the space flowing.

Small Bedroom Dark Colors

B. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

If you have a small bedroom, don’t limit yourself to white or neutral colors for the main wall. Try painting a wall with stylish colors such as charcoal gray, navy blue or olive green.

C. Bring Plenty of Light

Low lights and trick mirrors can bring plenty of light. Decorative overhead lighting like pendant or chandelier, bedside table lamps, a floor lamp will add enough light to the ambiance.

D. Avoid Small Furniture

A small bedroom design doesn’t always translate to smaller furniture. So, stay away from purchasing small nightstands. Instead, try buying a normal-size nightstand because it makes the room bigger, useful and functional.

Small Bedroom Nightstand

E. Outdoor In

Add some life to your small space. There is no reason why a houseplant should be kept out of the bedroom. Use something vertical like a fig tree that will keep a room feeling fresh.

Clean Small Bedroom

F. Clean Space

Keeping out the unnecessary clutter is a no-brainer. All the space in the world won’t make a difference if its crowded with stuff.

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