14 Things to do on Valentine’s Day

No matter your relationship status, we’ve figured out a complete list of things to do on Valentine’s day.

Many people hate February 14. However, the trick is to enjoy it with a personal touch. Mattar Property Development searched for unique ways to celebrate with someone special, a friend, or even by yourself. Now, go and enjoy the day of love.

Breakfast In Bed

1. Breakfast in Bed: This luxury isn’t exclusive for hotels. Wake up early, prepare something special and settle for some extra time before you start your regular day.

2. Run for a Good Cause: Although none of the runs are taking place during the V-day, there are some events happening this month.

3. Re-create your First Date: Go to the special place where you first met. Talk about the good memories you had with each other.

4. A Relaxing Bath: Turn off your cell phone, and light some candles. Try some relaxing music while you enjoy a hot bath with aromatherapy oils, essential salts and herbs.

5. Dinner in a Movie Theater: Upscale VIP movie theaters offers a cozy seating and full dinning services. We know that the price may be expensive, but who doesn’t want to eat a fancy dinner while watching a great movie on a big screen.

6. Couples Massage: In a 5-star hotel’s spa you can get a duo massage therapist.  There are many massages to try like the Swedish Massage, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, or Aromatherapy Therapy.


7. A Fun Photo Shoot: It doesn’t have to be your wedding to take some pictures together. Go outdoors and start snapping some pictures for your social media page.

8. Enjoy the Sunset or Sunrise: Grab a blanket, a hot drink and watch the night or morning sky. This is all about enjoying the moment.

9. Watch your Wedding Video: Prepare a special house dinner and re-watch your marriage video.

Love Book

10. Read a Love Story: Classics books include Romeo and Juliet, Wuthering Heights and Prejudice. Also, you can dive into some modern novels such as Fifty Shades of Grey or Twilight.

11. Make it a Game Night: There’s a wide selection of board games such as Cards Against Humanity, Scrabble or Pictionary.

12. Bake a Heart-Shaped Cake: Anything with a heart-shaped will do the trick.

Karaoke Night

13. Make it a Karaoke Night: there is nothing better than singing to your favorite music.

14. Couples Workout: Ask your special person which workout they’re in the mood and head to the gym together.

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