How To Throw A Unique Christmas Party

It’s no secret that we at Mattar Property Development are big fans of decorating for any holiday. From Valentine’s day to Halloween parties, we love any excuse to re-style our homes.

When it comes to a holiday party, the same christmas theme can become a boring thing from the past. So, why not attempt something new this year?  We will gladly help you throw a unique christmas party.

Throw A Unique Christmas Party

A. Make it Unique

The most important goal for any christmas party is to bring people closer, have fun, and enjoy with friend and family. Choose a festive theme that can be fun and whimsical, while it connects the host with his/her party guests. Get out from your comfort zone and avoid classic themes like snow, classic ornaments, etc.

Sea Christmas Party

B. Select A Style

Create a different kind of holiday by picking a theme that matches your personality or guests interest, and run with it. Pinterest can be a great source for inspiration. A theme can be anything from tropical paradise, Marie Antoinette, Downton Abbey, Dolce & Gabbana, Alice in the Wonderland or your favorite movie with a Christmas twists.

Thai Christmas Party

C. Establish The Ambience

Flowers and vases should be kept in the oposing shades of color, thus matching the general party theme. In other words, be harmonious and creative when it comes to the establishing the ambience. Dim lights always create a warm ambience, so pick a lot of candles instead of a harsh overhead light.

India Christmas Party

D. Arrange to Perfection

Avoid the clutter table look. When it comes to setting your table, less is more. For a oval or round dining table, a big center arrangement will look best. However, for a rectangular dining table, opt for a log row of arrangement with varying vase heights.

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