Everything You Need to Know About The Two Toned Kitchen Trend.

Say farewell to the white kitchen design and welcome the new two toned kitchens.  While the look has been around for a few years, this dynamic decor is becoming a popular trend in 2018.

A two toned kitchen is a really easy way to create interest. In this post, Mattar Property Development explores the common ways of implementing a two toned kitchen.  Let’s take a look and decide which kitchen design works best for you.

Kitchen Interior Design

A. The Focal Point

The first step is to decide your central point of focus. In this case, a kitchen island or a group of cabinets is chosen because of its middle spot in the layout. Remember the purpose of the focal point is to be eye-catching.

Two Toned Cabinets

B. Painting and Materials

After you decide on the placement, it’s time to think about colors and materials. When choosing the painting, you can pick bolder color without overwhelming the room. In some cases, lighter two toned cabinets work really well too.

If bold isn’t quite your style, there a plenty of ways to apply the trend. One of them is to use two separate materials in your cabinet design. Think of a wood finish mixed with a laminated sleek, modern look or glass and aluminum.

Two Toned Kitchen Trend

D. The Dark Bottom

Using a darker shade on lower cabinets and a lighter shade on top will create an impacting statement. On the other hand, it will make the space look larger. Think about pairing a bold color with white. Remember the key is to repeat the lighter color in other applications throughout the room.

Kitchen Trend 2018

E. Coordination of Elements.

In the two toned kitchen trend, each one of your cabinets should include some sort of coordinated element. In other words, it’s crucial to include a few details that will make it clear that the cabinets belong together. Consider using the same color palette.

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